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Save links from the web, organize them into visual collections, and share them with the world!

The quickest and easiest way to save and organize content!

Simple and stylish interface.

Navigate across the platform and create collections with ease.

Organizing made simple.

Capture and arrange your content however you want, all in one place.

Collaborate and share.

Invite your clients and colleagues to work on collections with you!

Powerful free features

Create, share, and collaborate on collections for free!

Accessible and inclusive.

Built in Immersive Reader for enhanced inclusivity and language translation!

Seamless integration with your favorite tools.

Hundreds of integrations with tools you already use!

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Edina Đorović
@Wakelet is not just a tool: it is a community! You can follow others, share and collaborate.
Edina Đorović
Bonnie Nieves
I love my @wakelet extension. It saves my open tabs to a collection so I can pick up where I left off & it saves anything to a collection or to bookmarks. I can share collections for collaboration with other people
Bonnie Nieves

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